About us

Our family business HAVE Ltd was set up in 1993. Since that time the company has been successfuly engaged in supplying spare parts for rail vehicles – dieselelectric locomotives, electric locomotives, trams, trolley-buses, diesel motors and dieselelectric aggregates, mostly produced by companies which continue the tradition of ČKD Praha. We also supply electric and machinery spare parts in cooperation with the manufacturers, according to our custommers` requirements.

We supply the offered original products and spare parts in high quallity (quality certification, guarantee 1-2 years) and in case of need in expeditionary packaging. All of that is done in the shortest time possible to the custommers` satisfaction not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad – Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Republic of South Africa, South Korea, Vietnam, etc.

Over the years we expanded the activities of our company by selling environmentally friendly grassing plastic paving Ecoraster® and Puruplast®, which is an ecological product made from recycled waste PE foils sheets …

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